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Zoo, Reptiles, and Pregnant Bellies

Last Wednesday we took a trip to the zoo, and my mom accompanied us this time. We had a great time, as usual!

We are just wrapping up our study on reptiles, so we focused on seeing all the reptiles. Not sure it was Mom’s favorite, but she was a sport about it! Here is Dominique with some alligator eggs.

Learning about alligator skulls….

And alligator snapping turtles…..

Loving on Grandma!

Measuring up to a brown bear. So fun to see my little stair steps growing!

And speaking of reptiles, we were blessed with a new “pet” last week! My brother found this common garter snake and let us have it. Yay! I haven’t let it in my house, though – it’s in the garage. Joshua thinks it’s pretty cool to have around, but isn’t too into holding it…..
I think we will keep it for observation for a couple of weeks and then let it go. 🙂 It is about to shed its skin, so that will be a nice keepsake of his stay with us.

After the zoo, we went to some friends house and had such a nice time! Here is Dominique with their little sweetie, Emma.

And it is so much fun to take belly shots with fellow pregnant friends!
Heather was at 34 weeks, I was 26.

The guys started feeling left out, and decided to join in the fun!