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Who needs fancy toys???

Well, Israel is officially my latest walker now. He will be one on Monday, and he is not walking yet. I think he could, as I witnessed him take three steps the other day before he realized he wasn’t holding on to anything, but he’s just too laid back to take the challenge on just yet.

Anyway, as many of you know, I am a true minimalist when it comes to baby equipment and toys, so I thought this would be a fun post. 🙂

Here is Israel’s alternative to a walker: the kitchen chairs!

And Joshua, for some odd reason, has just really been enjoying this string for about the last two weeks now! LOL. He has invented so many creative things to do with this string – they have been inseparable for some time. He carries it everywhere with him, except to bed, which we prohibited, and (so far) has not done anything mischevious with it. 😉 He uses it as a leash on stuffed animals, as a bookmark, as a fishing line, a belt, a lock on the closet door, and I don’t even remember what else! Sure has been fun, though!

As for Dominique, her favorite thing to “play” is helping mama in the kitchen. She often comes to me when it is not even time to make a meal and asks if she can help me make food! When it is time to make food, I always accept her help, even when at times it is tempting to do it by myself and get it done fast…..

But, letting her help is paying off (a little bit) already, and I’m sure in the future, it will be wonderful to have another cook in the house. 😉 So far, she is becoming very skilled at peeling carrots, potatoes and cucumbers, and has just started using this crinkle cutter on them.
She also enjoys measuring the ingredients for me, cracking the eggs (her favorite), washing dishes, setting the table, and anything else I can think of to let her help with. She feels like such a big girl, and is far happier helping me and doing something useful, than having me tell her to “just go play” so I can get it done. She thinks this is way more fun than a toy kitchen any day!

(Although I do realize the value of play for children, and believe me, they *play* plenty too – the kitchen toys are her favorite, along with her babies and bags. 😉