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What We’ve Been doing…..

I haven’t been very “newsy” lately, so I thought I would post some family news, particularly for out of town family…

Our plans to go Wales to still stand. Woo Hoo! We got the go-ahead last week to purchase our tickets, since we found an amazing fare, so we plan to do that shortly. It is *very* exciting, and definitely a little scary! We would be leaving the middle-ish of September.

My big brother Aaron, the Marine, is in training in NC and will be deported to Iraq this summer. His wife and children are at her family’s in GA, and all seem to be well. They will get to spend this coming weekend together and I’m sure they are all certainly looking foward to that! Keep them in your prayers, please.

The Hispanic ministry is “going”. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always going….
For the past several weeks, I have been having Bible studies at my house in the morning for some ladies, and there have been two that have believed on Jesus for the first time, within the past month or so! All are new in the Lord, and it has been exciting to disciple them and watch them grow. Sometimes only one shows up, and sometimes it’s more like six, but so far there has always been someone.
The guys still come around too. There are four that are the most “faithful” and they come at random times throughout the week, usually around dinner time. 😀 We enjoying having them, and they are growing too.
Please pray for these people, and us, if the Lord brings them/us to mind.

Last week I also started participating in a Bible study at church by Beth Moore called “Believing God” and it has been *awesome*!! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to really dig into God’s Word.

I am also reading through the Bible this year with the kids. It has been great! We usually try to read at meal times, and I stress to them that it is much more important to feed our spirits than our bodies. They actually really get excited about reading the Bible, even through some of the dry sections of Leviticus and Numbers! I was happily surprised, to tell you the truth! Last week we read a chapter in numbers that was listing all of the families of Israel, like “Gad, from the family of the Gadites” and Joshua thought it was just hilarious! Since then, he has been like “I’m Joshua, from the family of the Joshunites, and this is Dominique from the family of the Dominiquinites” etc, etc, with the names of everyone we know. It has become a little family joke. 🙂

The kids keep growing and keep us on our toes, as you can see from the post below! Other current mishaps include Joshua playing with the lock on the bathroom door and then closing the door (locking it closed). At least Dominique didnt get locked inside! Oh, and Dominique dropping toy coins into the toilet. Then this morning Dominique was right behind a door that Fabio opened (not knowing she was behind it) and she got her big toe under the door. It was red and swollen for a while, but looking much better already.

But other than all of those minor, um… accidents, the kids are doing great and learning and growing more every day. Joshua is reading better all the time, and Dominque is adding words to her vocabulary little by little. (Newest one is “plop”:) Let me tell you, they teach us SO much! I am thankful for all we are learning from them, and from the Lord through them.

I will end with one more sweet moment from this morning. Out of the clear blue, Joshua put his hand on my tummy and prayed that God would put a baby in there! hmmmm….. 🙂