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We Need to Get ORGANIZED!!

I could not stand to even look into the children’s bedroom. There was just SO much clutter everywhere!  I would sometimes try to tackle it, but we didn’t have anywhere to put everything. No closet, no under the bed space, nothing. I wanted to tell the kids to put their stuff away, but they truly had no where to put it!  Something had to be done before I lost my sanity with one more glance in the direction of this room…  The two older kids sleep on a bunk bed, and the two beneath them sleep beneath them – on a mattress that goes under the bunk beds during the day. This eliminates potential storage space under the beds. Only Dominique had a dresser, and it was overflowing with junk. We had a shelf for the boys’ clothes, but it was not working well and they basically just ended up shoving everything on – which was very visible since there were no doors to shut and hide all the mess. And books and toys just got dumped “wherever”.


 Joshua usually shared Dominique’s bottom bunk with her, because his own bed was full of books and clutter:

Well one day, I found some old fruit boxes on the side of the road. Score! I took them home. They were filthy, but we cleaned them up, sanded them, and painted them. I let each child pick a color for their own boxes. Then my wonderful husband got his brilliant mind into the business and got some sheets of MDF to help oranize the area. The results… well, a picture is worth a thousand words: 



 Each child has three boxes mounted on the wall for their personal things. Then a table for their legos, and shelves underneath for their clothes. I can’t tell you how good ORGANIZED feels!!!!!