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Visit from Brazil and Special Trip

Meet our friend Márcio. He is a dear brother from our church in Brazil who had the awesome opportunity to come to America in August (I’m behind with blogging, I know!) to attend the Global Leadership Summit with Fabio! It was an amazing time and they were both encouraged and challenged to grow in many ways through their time at the Summit. The entire Summit experience was encouraged by another dear brother of ours from Brazil – Roberto- who I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of). But since Márcio had a couple days with us after the Conference was over, we decided to hit the road and do something we had been dreaming about: visit the Creation Museum, and the new Ark Encounter. It was an *awesome* experience, that we highly recommend!! Unfortunately, I am not locating the ARK pictures right now… they must be in my phone. Sigh. This move and time of transition has really destroyed all my neat little “systems” and in some ways, I feel like I’m still reeling… But here are some pics of the Creation Museum, and the Ark was really amazing – it really exceeded our expectations!