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Trip to Grandma Nita’s

I am WAY behind on blogging – things are busy around here! But for now, we’ll start with the most recent: a trip last weekend to visit my Grandma!

Here she is with Mr. Moon, her husband of six years. 🙂

And getting to meet her newest great-grandchild. I think this is number 17, with numbers 18 and 19 on the way!

All the kids love great-grandma Nita!

We also enjoyed visiting with my Aunt Sue, who was able to come and spend the night. Here she is fixing Dominique’s hair in French braids. She was blessed with three sons and no daughters, so she used to like to fix my hair in French braids too, when I was little!

Aunt Sue and Johann

My cousin Brian and his wife Shasta. We enjoyed visiting with them too, and I was also able to see their new home!
Brian – if you read this, leave a comment so I can get your blog address. I don’t seem to have it. 🙂

Shasta is due to have their first baby in January. Great-grandbaby number 18, I think.

One more picture in the series! This table and chairs were Grandma Nita’s when she was a little girl!

My cousin Daniel and Dominique

Grandma Nita and her favorite granddaughter! (only one!)

I wish the visits were more frequent, but we sure enjoy them when they happen! We love you, Grandma!