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Today is “D Day”

That is how I affectionately refer to my “due date” …. and just as I suspected, baby did not choose to come out before that! Baby just doesnt seem to know about this magical date on the calendar!! The good thing is that since the other two came after their due dates, I had more realistic expectations this time around. There was always a chance that it could happen, but I wasnt really counting on it! And actually, at this point I feel pretty relaxed about the whole thing, and as excited as I am, I dont feel too desperate.

I do, however, try to tie up any loose ends before bed each night: make sure all the laundry is done, kitchen clean, house picked up, etc., so that I can relax and feel ready, just in case. 😉 I suppose it is a good practice anyway, right??

The kids just got these cute little capes from their Uncle Fernando in Japan and they have hardly take them off since, especially Joshua! They have worn them over their coats when we go out, slept in them, etc. Fun stuff!

As another attempt to enjoy the time I have with just the two children, as well as to pass some time so we don’t go stir crazy, we made a trip to the library this week. We read a TON of books, but didnt check any out, so I wouldnt have to worry about returning them. 😉 Our library is pretty cool, though ~ it has so many things for the kids to play with. It is especially nice in the winter when we cant play outside. Provides a nice change of scenery!

Here I am looking plump, with friends Edith, Miriam, Alejandra, Claudia and Esperanza. Esperanza had us for lunch on Wednesday for Mexican homemade tamales. Yum! Miriam and Claudia go back to Argentina on Monday and they will be missed! (They really were hoping to meet the baby too!)

Come on out, baby!