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Time with Dave and John!

Our pastors, Dave Prince and John Leitzel came two weeks ago for a brief (short but sweet) visit! It was SO good to have them here! We had been looking forward to those three days all year! (I am not exaggerating!) And, we are so thankful that the Lord used it so strategically in so many ways โ€“ for our direction and encouragement, for our local and international connections with the body of Christ, etc.

Here they are upon arrival at our home. The kids were SO excited and had been anxiously awaiting all day! It was about 7pm when they got back to the house. John is behind the coloring book with the panda bear on it that someone is showing him!Getting to know our neighborhood the next morning. We spotted a pair of burrowing owls! That was an exciting find. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can also see here the cobblestone roads. We have discovered that these stones used to lay the roads are hand chiseled by men who live in the country with just a mallet and hand chisel! Fabio was deeply impressed when he saw them working โ€“ he thought it was just wrong!
This was a pastorโ€™s luncheon in Joinville, a bit north of here, that we went to. Here you see Fabio and Gustavo Lara, the leader from Argentina who also came during that week. The luncheon was in the home of a pastor that we had never met before, but his wife is a painter. She painted the frame behind them and many, many others all throughout the house. Lovely!
We were able to squeeze in a dinner on the beach as well! This was actually a first for us too! It was fantastic โ€“ and if you look closely, you can see the beach beyond us.
Here we are with Dave and John and also the pastor and his wife of our local church here โ€“ Facundo and Carol, also from Argentina.
We were SO blessed by our time with them and are so thankful for their ministry and friendship!
Thank you guys! God bless you and we love you!

A truly rare photo of Fabio and I alone. ๐Ÿ™‚
Fabio and the kids. Loved this stone bench! The kids are not always willing subject matters for my photography experiments. hehe.
I still havenโ€™t figured out what these stone things were for, but again, I thought they would make a nice picture. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our growing olive shoots: