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The Monterroso Family

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a wonderful family staying with us for the summer ~ the Monterrosos! They are originally from Guatemala, and have been living in Spain as missionaries for the past five years. Prior to that, they lived for a year in this very house, before we were here, of course. We have been having a wonderful time with them! Edgar and Rosa have three beautiful children: Sebastian~17, Isabel~15, and Sofia,11.

A beautiful couple!

Sebastian has been playing this for our home group worship times!

Israel just loved playing this drum!

Last Saturday they made crepes for us for breakfast!

The Crepe Chefs, Sofia and Rosa

Rosa enjoys volunteering to hold Israel when he is sleeping. 🙂

The other day Fabio had a day off and so we took them to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. Neat place! If you’ve never been there, I recommend it. It is one of the largest dairy farms in the country and they give a fascinating tour.

The milking carousel, otherwise known as the dairy-go-round….

Isabel trying her hand out at milking.

Sebastian having an udderly good time.

a drink of warm milk……

Elizabeth and Isabel

Sebastian and Israel playing lincoln logs

Sofia and Isabel enjoying some good ole American ice cream!

So, if you dont hear from me on the blog too often, this is my current excuse! We’ve been having lots of fun and there is a lot of activity going on around here all the time… 🙂