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The Miracle of the Airplane Tickets

So we got our tickets and we will be traveling on January 28th.

After getting the documents we needed (Certificate of Eligibility) from the Japanese Immigration Department, we went looking for airplane tickets. Usually, the sites don’t allow us to add the number of children that we have (doesn’t anybody else fly with 6 kids?!), so we normally have to buy 1 adult + 3 children and after the tickets are purchased, we repeat the process again.

Well, we found tickets for about $260 with tax – which is very cheap for a flight from Chicago to Tokyo!

So we purchased all four tickets which went for a little over $1,000.

After that, I went back to the initial page, put in the same information so we could purchase tickets for the other half of the family and BOOM! The list of available flights appeared, except that this time with prices starting from $650 per person – and with a different airline! “Oh man!”, we thought. How could we not fly together? And so much more expensive!

We continued to search and the price for us to fly in the same airplane would be now $692 per person. The sale prices are gone, we guessed.  So we would have to face that price multiplied by 4 or pray that the ‘sea would open’ (or the clouds!). Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Suddenly, we felt a ‘download’ of faith and we decided to pray that when we clicked the Select button, the price would be different on the next page.

Heheheeeee….(we’re still trying to understand what happened…)





Drum Roll!

See with your own eyes what happened (we took screenshots with faith for what could happen)

Initial cost: 


Prices that appeared after we clicked SELECT on that page:


Can you believe it???

With that, our hearts are simply full of thanksgiving and excitement for what is to come.

Japan, here we come!