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The Last of Fall ……

Big Boy working hard raking the leaves

Big girl working hard raking leaves!

Sweet smilin’ kids 🙂

I love Dominique’s laughing face in this picture! Daddy was tickling them to try to get Israel to smile for the camera! It worked for Dominique, anyway!

So much fun playing in the leaves!

Israel peeking around the tree at Dominique

Happy boy! He had a leaf in each hand and was waving them all around like little flags, thoroughly enjoying himself!

This was a different day, when I let the kids play outside in the rain. 🙂 It was unusually warm for November this year, and it was really only sprinkling. So, they had fun digging in the mud! I figured it would be one of the last times that the ground was not frozen this year, so I let them dig and get all filthy muddy. They had a blast!

And, sure enough, it seems autumn is now over! The leaves have all fallen now, and the ground is truly frozen. We have had a few snowflakes, but nothing too heavy yet. Enough to excite the children, though! Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas decorations are now up! Time for a new season of the year.

And before I close, I will include this special couple’s picture. Last Saturday we attended a wedding for the associate pastor of our church, Todd and his bride, Susan. Many people had been praying for many years that the Lord would bring him a wife, and He did answer that prayer! The wedding was beautiful, and they certainly look very in love. God bless you both!