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The Field Museum

Okay, here I am trying to catch you up on our summer’s activities! Almost there…..

Here we are at the Field Museum about 3 weeks ago. I hadn’t been there since who knows when and it was fun to take the kids now that they are getting old enough to appreciate these kinds of things.

First, Joshua and Dominique with “Sue”, the best preserved t-rex in the world. 🙂

Joshua and Sofia share a love of rocks. 🙂

Chow time.

Israel checking out some rodents from the Amazon.

Joshua thinks there is still a spot in the stroller for him! But, since it was a long day with no nap, it did work out nicely once they started to lose energy. Better than dragging him around while he was whining about how tired he was!

They loved the dinosaurs!

For some reason, everywhere I go, people keep telling me I have my hands full!
Israel was out cold here….
Funny thing is, when Joshua and Dominique are both sitting in the stroller, you can’t notice the difference in their size as much and I have been asked if they are twins!

Checking out the buttons.

Amazing taxidermy! You really should see this, Scott!

Did you notice there are far more pictures of me than usual in these last few posts? That’s because I got a lot of these pics from the Monterroso’s camera. 🙂

Walking through the museum nursing a baby. Nobody even knew. 🙂