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The Daddy Daughter Dance

This post has been a little while in coming – sorry!
A couple of weeks ago was the daddy daughter dance at my brother Aaron’s church – a chance every year for daddies to take their little princesses out on a daddy date night!
And, boy, let me tell you – the little princesses LOVE it! Dominique could hardly wait for her special night to dance with Daddy.

We started out at my sil Suzy’s house, fixing hair and getting the girls all dressed up and even putting a bit of make-up on them. They were beyond ecstacy!

And then they were off!

My brother Aaron and his princess, Jessica

My brother Scott has two princesses, but the younger one will have to wait another year to join the dancing fun. This year Cheyenne got daddy all to herself. 🙂

Here they are, all ready for the action:



Sweetest. 🙂

This video of the dancing queen is pretty funny!