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The Countdown has begun!

I am now 38.5 weeks and counting. Just TEN days until my due date (who knows how long until the *birth*…..)! This week I have been getting my wish of being able to “nest and rest” and it has been great. I have done quite a few cleaning projects and in between times when I get worn out, I have been reading lots of books to the kids and enjoying this wonderful weather we have had the past few days. We even took a bike ride to the park, with no jackets on!

So, each day I feel a little more ready and am relieved that I have gotten a few more things done. And each day the waiting gets a little bit harder, as contractions keep coming and sleeping is difficult. I did make a new best friend yesterday: TUMS! I had never taken a tum before, but it was wonderful to be able to sleep last night without feeling like vomiting, since my stomach is pretty much in my throat at this point, especially when I’m lying down.

So, since we have been pretty much hibernating this week, I dont have a ton to report, but thought I would post a few picture from last Sunday anyway. The kids are getting as excited as I am to meet their new sibling. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl! If you haven’t put your vote in yet, it’s not too late!

One last picture from last Saturday. We had some plans that ended up falling through and the kids were disappointed, so I decided we could at least stop and play at a McD’s for a little bit. We didnt know that Ronald was about to come by for a visit! The kids had fun. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted if we have any baby news!