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The Bug and The Glasses

My mom got Israel this big squishy bug, thinking he would like it, but he did not! For some reason, the texture just freaked him out and he did not want to have anything to do with it! So, of course, Daddy had to torment him with it!

He did NOT want it on his neck, but he did not want to touch it in order to take it off!

Still looking forlorn, but Daddy is finally having compassion on the poor boy and taking it off his neck….

Although the postscript to this story is that, about a week after these pics were taken, he “warmed up” to the critter and has no prob with it now!

And who wouldn’t love to look like Daddy? This was way more fun than a squishy bug!

Joshua was too sophistocated to participate in the “glasses fun”, but not Dominique!

Cool dude!

Daddy’s little sweetheart

Trying to be just like Daddy: