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The Birth Story

Okay, here’s the story you’ve all been waiting for, lol. 🙂
Contractions started Tuesday evening and were regular and close – every 2-3 minutes, but not terribly hard. We all went to bed, and I woke up during the night with stronger contractions, still close together, so we called the midwife. She came, but things were not too intense, so we all tried to get some rest until things picked up more. However, things just stayed about the same the rest of the night, and in the morning slowed down even more! My water broke, though, on Wednesday morning, so something was happening!
But… not much was happening! ALL DAY on Wednesday, contractions came and went and were just piddly, even though I was still leaking water. We tried everything to get them going – herbs, walking, resting, even jumping on the trampoline! I was completely effaced and at least at 5cm, with a baby head very low and “right there”, but still nothing….
If you are wondering what these pictures have to do with the birth story, this is what the kids were doing while waiting! Since the “pool” was in the bedroom for the birth, they had to settle for a 5 gallon bucket each! 🙂
Anyway, Wednesday was pretty much the most boring day of my life, sitting around waiting for things to pick up all day long! Went to bed with some stronger contractions, and woke up during the night with them several times, but they just wouldnt keep up! I woke up on Thursday morning very discouraged (almost depressed!), wondering if I was *ever* going to have this baby??? Then, a little after 7am, the contractions picked back up and gained momentum rapidly, and by 10:43, I was holding a baby! I actually caught him myself, but later felt bad since that was supposed to be Fabio’s job! I guess instinct just took over or something…

The Moment of a Miracle

I could not stop balling when he was born. I don’t know what it was – an emotional release, I guess, but I couldn’t control it! Meanwhile, the family admires the new baby:

My two babies:

About an hour or so after the birth:

Sometime after our mini family photo shoot,lol, we finally decided to cut the cord. Joshua volunteered for the job:

I was *shocked* when he weighed in at 8lbs 4oz. I never, ever thought I’d have a baby that weighed less than 9lbs! He sure didnt feel little when I was carrying him on the inside!

Getting acquainted with the family: