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Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was a wonderful time!
We started our festivities on Wednesday evening, having a Thanksgiving dinner with the hispanic group. While there were quite a few sick, we did have a nice time with those present. 🙂

Then, for Thursday, we went to my brother Aaron’s house and as always, had a nice time with the family.

I thought this was rather memorable: my brothers Scott and Aaron peeling the potatoes! (Not an everyday occurance!)

Something else I found rather memorable was seeing all the men gathered around the coloring table, enjoying a little turkey art project!

A little while after I took this picture, one of the boys complained that he couldn’t find a turkey to color. Suzy wondered why, as she had printed enough for all the kids. “Because all the adults are coloring them!” he replied. 🙂

I think Aaron did a nice job, don’t you?

Dragon Tails! (on Lisa)

Suzy had some games planned, for both the children and adults to participate in. It was fun!

AJ and Moriah (my nephew and neice)

After we played some games with the adults, the children also played Pictionary. I thought this was funny: Joshua got “cow” to draw. He started out drawing a straight line with an udder hanging from it, and then went on to draw the legs, tail, and finally the body and head. 🙂

The children are sitting here waiting for their turn to tell what they are thankful for.

I love Thanksgiving!

And now that it is behind us, we got out our Christmas decorations and worked on it all weekend! With three small children to “help” you decorate, it is not usually a matter of getting it all out and putting it up and being done. But, in several small increments, we did finally get everything up and they are all enthralled with the lights!
I still have some final pictures of fall – raking leaves and such – to post if I get around to it. It seems the fall is truly over. No more leaves falling, but snow instead! No more light jacket weather – time to bundle up!
More Later…..