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Technical Difficulties

I haven’t posted for a little while due to the many technical difficulties that have arisen in our home over the past week and a half. Our computer crashed, the monitor blew, our oven broke, TWO tvs are on the blink (one blinked for the last time already), the speakers on the stereo only start working if you hit them hard, and the toaster feature no longer works on our toaster oven! All this happened this past week!!! Ugh. There must be an electronic monster in our home….

So, we lost a lot out of our computer and are having to reinstall everything all over again. We had an old monitor in storage that is so tiny that Fabio and I are both getting eyestrain using it, but at least it works for now. And, I still havent reconnected and reinstalled all the “stuff” to hook the digital camera up, so no pics for this post. Just thought I would give a little update.

Joshua got a fever during the night last night, so I barely slept since he was up a lot. He was pretty low-key today, but wanted to sit *on* me all day, so that was uncomfortable with my large abdomen, and I didnt get much done, but at least I was forced to rest that way! My big accomplishment of the day (and about the only one!) was that I finally finished getting boxes ready to send to the out-of-country fam for Christmas. 😀 One to Iraq, one to Japan, one to southern Brazil and one to northern Brazil. I try to get them out early to send them surface and save on shipping. So, it was a relief to have that done.

Dominique’s 2 year molars are almost done coming in! Yay! I was really hoping that she would be weaned, potty trained and done teething before the baby came and it looks like I’m going to get my wish. I wished the same thing for Joshua before Dominique was born, and I got my wish that time too. 🙂 She is starting to talk a lot more, finally, and it is comical to me how “girlish” she talks! Hard to explain in written form, but her tone of voice and mannerisms are definitely feminine.

Here’s a funny from Joshua from today:
Joshua: Mommy, I prayed to God for wisdom and honor.
Mommy: That’s a wonderful thing to pray for, Joshua. Why did you ask God for that?
Joshua: Because I want a LOT of money!
Mommy: Huh???
Joshua: Ya, Daddy read to me in the Bible that Solomon asked for wisdom and honor and God gave him lots of money too!!!

So, we had to have a little talk about the heart issues in the story and all of that deep stuff, on a four year old level. 😉

Tomorrow I am 37 weeks pregnant, three more weeks to go!!! If it weren’t for all the projects I want to finish first, I would wish to have the baby NOW. I feel enormous and uncomfortable. All is well, though. All in God’s good timing.

Anyone want to play a game? We played this the other night with a few friends and I think it’s fun. 🙂 Leave me a comment guessing the baby’s sex, date of birth and size. I think I might give a prize to the closest winner after baby is born. 🙂

We still have no idea about a name for this child, either. So, feel free to leave us some suggestions, for boy or girl, as many names as you can think of. Hey, if we choose your name, maybe you can get a prize for that too!