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Summer Fun


Well, here are a few pictures that I have been *trying* to post for some time now! Unfortunately, the site gives me fits, or I would probably post more often… It often only lets me upload one or two pics at a time and I dont often have time to sit around and wait for each one to get done. I am trying, though, to keep updates up here! I think I at least do better at this than email! Sorry to all of you who may have emailed me and haven’t gotten a response. Internet time is a luxury these days and that is one reason why I blog… to keep friends and far-off family updated even when I dont get around to sending out personal email. 🙂 I’m still thinking of you all and love you!

This is one of my fave summer pics of Dominique at the Dunes. This year at the beach was so much more fun than last year! Last year she mainly just wanted to stuff sand in her mouth by the handful, and she didnt really care for the water, nor did Joshua. This year, they both had a blast, *playing* in the sand instead of eating it, and splashing around in the water. It was great fun!

They had just about as good of a time in our friend’s pool a few days later! It was extremely hot out, so I had slightly less fun sitting and watching them play, but that’s mommy-hood, right? Their little friend Priya, owner of the pool, is actually hiding behind Dominique, but it was her naptime and she wasn’t up to getting her picture taken. Maybe next time. 🙂

And here is the fam right on our back patio! Joshua got a bit of birthday dough and decided to spend it on a pool, having been inspired by Priya. We found this 3-footer with the filter included for $50 and Joshua was excited to buy it “all by himself”. It has just about been worth its weight in gold with all of this heat! They really have enjoyed themselves in it, and Fabio and I have had some refreshing cool-off times too. 😉

I still have to post more pics another day of Joshua’s birthday and his three parties, but here is a sample, from his second party. These three cuties belong to my friend Esperanza: Brianna in the middle and identical twins Ariana and Andrea on either side of her. They also had a wonderful time splashing in the pool and Joshua’s Spanish is improving from playing with them. 🙂

In case you are wondering, Joshua’s owie is nearly all better now and he is past the exemptions we afforded him last week in the eating and teeth brushing departments. 🙂 That is the only drawback, in his mind, to feeling better!

Hard to believe we are nearly to the middle of August now! Im not ready to think of summer being over just yet. We have really been enjoying this one. I am now nearly 23 weeks pregnant, about 5 months and counting. I feel great and the summer has not been hard at all. We have been filling our days with swimming, bike riding, taking walks to the park, garage saling, “hanging” out in the hammock and “helping” Fabio with the basement. By the way, he is nearly done hanging the drywall now and it looks NICE down there! I can hardly wait until it is done.

We have also been filling in all the gaping holes in our schedule (ha!) with reading some excellent books, including a classic that mom used to read to me, “A Hive of Busy Bees”… stories to build godly character. It is fun that Joshua is getting a bit older and can read longer books now. We also try to work on a new memory verse every few days and do a “homeschooling” project each day. Sometimes that is as simple as just coloring in a workbook, and sometimes we spend more time doing something. And, I have been spending more time in the kitchen lately, with the kids helping, because I am in the process of revamping just about everything we eat. 🙂 It has been a fun adventure and quite a learning curve for me.

So, by the time bed time rolls around, we are all exhausted and have no trouble going right to sleep. Usually the kids are out by 8pm, I try to be in bed at 9pm, and then I read until 10pm. Then it’s lights out! The kids have been getting up at 5:30 each day and then we start all over again. I complained about the early mornings for four years of motherhood, but I have finally learned to actually enjoy getting up and getting a jump-start on the day lately. It helps so much to be eating right, because not only do I have more energy during the day, but I also sleep much better at night. (When I’m not eating well I struggle with insomnia, especially when I’m pregnant.) By 9am, we’ve gotten so much done that it feels like noon! 🙂

Well, this was rather long, and sorry if any of you got bored! I was just trying to paint a picture of our everyday life, especially thinking of Dad, Grandma, my aunt, my brother and his fam… love