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Starved Rock

Well, as usual, I have a lot more to post than I have time to post it, so I figured a little something was better than a lot of nothing, right?

So, without making too many lofty promises of all that I intend to post, for now I will share a few pics of last Saturday when we took a family field trip to Starved Rock.

Oh, and so as to not keep you in suspense about Joshua, he went through two series of blood tests and first the Doctor was suspecting Kawasake disease, but after more tests and time and exams, he seems to be just fine! So, it was likely just a really tough virus that took his body about three weeks to fight off. The doctor just told us to watch him like a hawk and call him if we notice any change, but he seems to be finally back to his old energy level and also has a ravenous apetite and has regained the weight he had lost. So, I am fairly certain that he is fine now and I am SO thankful that it was nothing serious. God is good!

Viewing the scenery at Starved Rock with Daddy.

This way, Daddy?

All the walking and running and hiking and stair climbing wore them out good!
By the time we were done, we were dragging Dominique, but Joshua was still running! It was a very good sign that he was back to normal, praise the Lord!

Israel was sound asleep through the first hour or so of the hike, so he was like a dead weight on my back, but I guess that gave me a better workout, right?

Lover’s Leap.

The last time Fabio and I were here was seven years ago, before we were even engaged, and we took pictures right here, at Lovers Leap. Now we return with three children…..

End of the trail.

We have a wonderful missionary family living with us for the summer that have three beautiful children, so it has been fairly hectic around here, but fun! I will try to post more soon!