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Some misc. pictures

This was last night at out group. For those who don’t know, we have Spanish Bible studies at our house every Wednesday night. So, here is our group, minus a few. 🙂 The ladies first, and then the gentlemen.
L-R: Nelly, me, Maricela, Esperanza, Edith, Maria, Claudia
The white guy is our pastor. 🙂 We asked him to come last night to share with the group and it went really well.
L-R: Fabio, Dave, Chupis, Jaime, Ernie, Angel

My grandpa and his wife just got in from a five month trip down south for the winter and came to visit yesterday and meet our new addition. We had a really nice visit!

These cuties are my friend Kendra’s. We realized the other day that our children are currently perfectly stair-stepped: 4,3,2,1,0 years old! So we arranged them in order of age and here they are: Joshua, Joshua, Dominique, Nicholas, Israel.
Well, as of today I will be away from our computer for a while. I will post elsewhere if I can, but if not, see you in a few!