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Some Extended Family News

These pictures are a little better, I think, than the last ones I posted, because you can see each family all together, and all the grandkids together as well.
These pictures were taken at our last family gathering for a while, because Aaron and family left the next morning: Aaron to NC for further Marine training, and Suzy and the kids to her family’s in GA. So we ate together, sang some worship songs, and prayed them off. This was all one week ago.

My oldest brother, Scott, Amanda, Dillon, Cheyenne, Gabriel

My second brother, Aaron, Suzy, Jessica, AJ, Colton, Levi

The Black Siblings in birth order and height order, with Mom

All nine grandkids: Jessica, Gabriel, Colton, Joshua, Levi, Cheyenne, Dillon, AJ, Dominique