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Sickie, Owie, and Active

Those words could describe my three children in this post!
First, here is Joshua, the “sickie”. He came down with a fever on Friday evening and is just NOW getting over it! He has never had a fever for more than 24 hours before, so by Monday I was worried and took him to our doctor. Thankfully, he seems to be fine, but was just having a hard time fighting off some kind of GI infection.
Today he is finally coming back to life a bit, although still a bit weak after being down for so long. So, our 4th of July will be a quiet one this year. 🙂

And then just an update on Dominique’s owie!
The fingernail finally came off, and after three and a half weeks, it is *still* sensitive. The good news is that she is still not sucking on it, so I think at this point it is safe to think that that stage of her babyhood is happily behind us! 🙂

And here is “Active”! I probably took at least 15 shots to get this picture and it still isn’t very clear! Unfortunately, our camera doesn’t do very well with action shots, and he is in constant motion! He is 6.5 months old now and officially crawling and starting to get into everything. The fun begins… again! 🙂

This is one of the things he is always trying to get into… literally, the bunny’s cage! LOL. He is SO intrigued by Rabby he can hardly contain himself when he sees the bunny and goes after him for a fistfull of that soft fur! Funny thing is, Rabby doesn’t seem to mind a bit and actually comes close to Israel for some loving, whereas he sometimes avoids the other two who can be a bit overbearing with their well-intentioned affection…..

So, just a quick update from our corner of the world! Until next time!