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Quick Update

We have been back from Santos for nearly two weeks now, but it has been such a whirlwind that, coupled with torturously slow internet, we haven’t been able to update! I want to post pictures, but I think we will have to wait until we get to another internet connection, as this one is not cooperating at all. (We took advantage of the slightly quicker speed in Santos to post the pics below!)

So, without pictures, just a few quick bullet points:

– We are learning more and more about the POWER of prayer. Please do not stop praying for us and the ministry here! Among other things that are happening, one especially exciting thing is that TWO of the prostitutes we have ministered to and prayed for have left prostitution!!!!

– We have been working on changing a few things on this blog. If you look above, you will see some new tabs, telling about our family, the Call we feel on our lives, and how we ended up here. Also, there is now a “Support” tab through which you can make a contribution to the ministry here if you feel so led. (I will be posting more pics on these pages too, once internet allows me to.)

– Please pray for Vamilson. His father is very ill in the hospital, which is not only bad for his father, but also for Vamilson. He has been sitting in the hospital and thus unable to come to the church daily as he was until now. We have seen some cause for concern in him, taking steps backward instead of forward. He is still at a very vulnerable time in his Christian walk. Please PRAY for him, to be *strong* in the Lord and in the POWER of His might through this time, and that the devil would not be able to use this time to gain an advantage over him.

– We are making progress at gaining footing in the favela, through the PETI School. For Mother’s Day, not only was I able to participate at an event held at the school, but we also had a princess day here at the church for all the PETI mothers. We treated them to manicures, haircuts, eyebrow shaping and make-up. Then we had dinner together and listened to a guest speaker and had a powerful time of prayer. Many were so broken! Especially one mother who has five children, ages 2-11. She and all five children are HIV+. Three of the children are my students at PETI. Wow.
Now, the director of PETI asked me to organize a day of Praise and Worship at the school! So, this Wednesday a group of us are going to be doing this – a whole day of praise and worship, at the public school!!!! And, next Saturday, Fabio and I and the children will be taking the director and her husband out to dinner to honor them for their dedication and get to know them on a more personal level.

– We have finally made our decisions for the near future: We will be back in the States for the month of June!! This will allow us to not only visit with family and friends there, but also more adequately prepare for a longer-term season of service here in our new “home” of Camboriú.

Please do not stop PRAYING for us. For our marriage, children and family. For the church here and the ministry outside the church walls. For the prostitutes, the families of PETI, and for wisdom and discernment in each situation