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Quick Trip

Last Saturday we took a quick trip down to Athens for my cousin’s wedding, and took advantage of the opportunity to visit New Salem State Park, where Abraham Lincoln lived as a young man.

We had tried to visit last October, but it was a Tuesday and the park is closed on Tuesdays from Oct – March, so this time was much more fun, as we could go in the cabins and learn a lot from the nice folks “living” there.

Joshua and Dominique were showing how strong they were to carry the bucket, even though it was empty! They said they could handle the chore of bringing water in from the well each morning. 🙂

Peeking into the outhouse:

Mercedes and Dominique with the conestoga in the background:

Israel – 19 months old now!

What a big boy!

Lovebirds! 🙂

I love nature settings!

Then we changed for my counsin Dena’s wedding:

My mom and her sisters:

My grandmother, Jean, and Dominique

And finally, a picture from Sunday night at the farewell party for the whole group of exchange students, some from China and some from Spain. Mercedes is still with us, though, until tomorrow morning. It has been a wonderful month with her and we will miss her! (Especially Dominique!!!) 🙂