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Purim 2009

Before I begin this blog post, if you are reading this from LWC, you may be interested in reading an interview with Sam Prince at !!

Okay, now for this post on Purim 2009!

Well, we went from the last post being a Japanese gathering, to this post celebrating a biblical feast! Purim is the celebration of the salvation of the people of God as recorded in the book of Esther. If you have never read the story, you can read it here.

Traditionally, it is celebrated by dressing as the characters in the story and gathering together to have a feast!

Dominique, as Queen Esther:

Israel, as one of the king’s soldiers who carried the message throughout Shushan:

Joshua, as Mordecai:

I was one of the candidates, who didn’t get chosen as queen. 🙂

Fabio was Haman!
Johann was a baby in Shushan. 🙂

At the feast, the story from the book of Esther is read, and whenever the name “Mordecai” is said, everyone cheers and makes noise with all sorts of noise makers.
Then when the name “Haman” is said, everyone boos and makes noise with the noise makers to drown out his name.

The kids LOVE it – I mean, what child doesn’t love permission to make lots of noise??
And then we ate. 🙂 This was our first year to celebrate Purim, and we were so excited about it! What a great, hands-on, visual way to teach the Bible! 🙂