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Playing with Cousins

Joshua & Dominique had such a nice time playing with their cousins last Friday, Dillon, Cheyenne and Gabriel….. and they all missed their cousins that are currently in Georgia. 🙁 Joshua talks about them often and we are all looking forward to their return. If you read this, we miss y’all!!!

On an entirely different note, I have found that Aldi brand dishwasher detergent cleans better than any other brand I have tried. I knew you all wanted to know that. 😉

Another discovery I have made is that I believe

I am actually more of a night person by nature. I have thought all of my life that I wasn’t extremely a night or a morning person, but now I realize that I am naturally more of a night person, but I am a morning person by training, out of necessity, and also by preference. I love to stay up late and do stuff, especially once the kids are in bed when I can get things done with such ease… only trouble is I can’t get outta bed w/ such ease in the mornin’! In hindsight, even when I was single and worked late, and therefore slept late, I felt yucky. So, the moral of this story is: believe the old addage: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise!” (Well, I don’t know about the wealthy part! 🙂






That’s all for today, folks!