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Photo Post of our Kids

I thought I would take advantage of the time we are in Santos and have a little bit faster internet connection to upload some pictures of the kids. I know the Grandmas and aunties especially are wanting to see them and how they are growing. 🙂
It is always a super challenge to get a picture of the four of them in which they are all smiling and looking in the direction of the camera. In spite of the fact that this pic was another example of how I was unsuccessful in that attempt, I still loved this pic. 🙂

Dominique – such a little lady and so happy to be able to officially say that she is “five and a HALF”. She loves to carry a purse with her everwhere, play with my make-up, and she takes such good care of her dollies. It is a joy to watch her grow.

Forget trying to get a good picture of the four of them together – just trying to get one of Johann period is a challenge! Good thing he was so into this tree – he was more than happy to sit there for a picture, and the way he has his hands was his own doing. Fabio has been teaching him lately to do that with his hands when Daddy says “Wait”. It took him a while to stop being stubborn about it and just DO it, but he finally has it and is obeying much better lately. Thank you Jesus! I think it takes five or six times to teach him what it took to teach the others, but we keep plugging away and we are starting to see the beginning of the fruits.

Joshua recently lost one of his two front teeth and it looks just charming. 🙂 The other one is loose and hopefully will come out soon before the adult one shows up on the other side.

Below is his backpack which he carries pretty much everywhere with him. It contains all of his treasures – books, wordsearch booklets, part of his rock collection, his special notebook, etc. I just had to get a picture of him with his backpack!
Izzy, my sweetheart! He is the one that most easily captures the hearts of everyone he meets. Again, this “pose” was his own doing, and captures his personality so well. As you can see, he has a treasured backpack as well!
Yet another attempt of “the four of them”. 🙂
I LOVE this pic below because it is proof that they really truly do love each other!
Another RARE moment of Johann actually looking at the camera AND smiling! This is his “camera smile”, but it usually only lasts a split second and not even long enough to get the camera ready! He is 19 months now.
Israel was so happy with this tiny flower he found! Just LOVE him sniffing it in the next picture!

Below is Dominique dancing! At MANG church, they have a dance ministry, and she started taking lessons with the other girls. This was the first performance, at church. She was so excited and all the little girls looked so cute!