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Our Terrific Two Year Old!

Well, Dominique’s birthday was October 29th, but we just had her party last night, together with my mom’s, whose birthday was October 27th.
What a change two years can make in a child’s life! Here is Dominique when she was 3 days old….

And this is Dominique right around her first birthday, so excited to be walking!

And… this is Dominique last night. I made the mistake of waiting until bedtime to try to get some adorable pictures of our big girl, and here you can see how cooperative she was being! She kept saying “night-night” and pretending to be asleep! Ah, well, I guess that captures the spirit of the wonderful world of two year olds. 😉

Here are the birthday girls with their cake.

Grandma Carol and Dominique.

My sil made a child-size sling for Dominique, and she loves it! I’m sure she will even more once I am carrying this little one around in the sling. Her cousin Cheyenne brought her sling along too, so they could sling their baby dolls together. What fun!
Here are some belly shots from last night. Me and my sister-in-law Amanda. Here I am almost 36 weeks, and she is almost 19 weeks, due in April.

Finally, a family picture. It actually turned out okay, too! (After about a hundred tries, that is! All you with small children know what I’m talking about, no doubt!)

Mother and daughter.

Mother and son.

My midwife just left from checking me. I love prenatals with her! She stays like two hours and I get to talk to her about anything and everything. I have learned so much from her. And, despite how my belly looks, it seems this baby is not all that large! Her estimate is that s/he is around 6 lbs now, so I *might* even end up having a child that is less than nine pounds! I can hardly imagine! Only time will tell, and there isnt too much time left now. I cant wait to meet this baby!