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Our Christmas

First we started our festivating on Christmas Eve evening at Esperanza’s house, just a few blocks from here, with the hispanic group. Missing from the pic are Fabio, who was taking the pic, and Jaime, Esperanza’s husband. Not sure where he was…

Then here we are all bright-eyed on Christmas morning, opening our goodies!

Daddy and Israel

First Christmas at 8 days old!

Playing with the new race track, which already broke! Oh well, made for some Christmas morning fun and I guess that’s what you get for buying cheap stuff!

Best shot out of about fifteen we tried to take of the three of them! We’re still working on getting Israel to smile for pictures… He did smile for mama for the first time on Christmas morning, though! It was a lovely Christmas gift.

I loved this shot!

Then in the afternoon we joined my brothers’ families for our family Christmas celebration. Here is the first shot of all TEN grandchildren! It is far more challenging than just trying to get one of my three!! This is still not great, but we took 12 and this was the best of twelve! And, unfortunately, I barely took any more pics that night as I was holding the baby and helping the other two open gifts and keep track of everything they were opening, etc. Just too much going on to think of taking pics sometimes! It was fun, though. With so many children around, there is never a dull moment, that’s for sure!