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Olivia’s Birthday Party

So… our fifth born treasure, Olivia, turned SIX years old the end of March! Where does the time go?

It was a “strategic” time for us to have a party, because we had been in Japan nearly two months and were beginning to make connections with people in the church and in the neighborhood, so it was a wonderful opportunity to reach out and bring people together.

I made fajitas, and it was pretty much the first time for our guests to taste food with a Mexican flare, and thankfully they all loved it!


A particularly special guest was our neighbor Suzuki-san and her two daughters. They came to church for the first time that day, and came to our home later that afternoon for the party. Before going home, she relayed to me this conversation she had had with Olivia earlier that day:

Olivia: Are you a Christian?

Suzuki-san: No, my whole family is Buddhist.

Olivia: But do you know God?

Suzuki-san: Ummmm… yes, I think so….

Olivia: But do you know the LOVE of God?

Suzuki-san said she had to stop here and really think. And it made her realize that, no, she did not really know the LOVE of God.

When she relayed this little conversation with me, I assured her that God really does love her! And that He really wants her to know that love. She has been coming to church every Sunday since then, except this past one because she got sick. Please pray for her, that she will come to know the LOVE of God!


Here are the pictures from the party, in random order…