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Number SIX Coming Our Way!

Well, this sort of feels like old news since we put it on facebook a few months ago, but in an effort to keep a family record on this blog, I thought I would post this official “announcement” picture, and a few more to accompany it… even some NEW news!! 

So, yes, in case there is still someone out there that does not know yet, we are expecting baby blessing #6!! We are super excited to receive this new child in our family sometime toward the end of October. 
Since I have been practicing a “Trim Healthy Mama” lifestyle of eating since about last October, and also exercising regularly and with higher intensity, I thought it would be fun to do a couple comparison pictures between last pregnancy (with Olivia) and this pregnancy. I have ALWAYS gotten HUGE with every pregnancy, and also produced some rather large babies, so we shall see at the end of this “pregnancy experiment” if my current lifestyle will make a difference, or if my body just does the “huge thing” no matter what. 🙂 I will keep you posted.
And finally, to end this post with some really NEW news, we decided to find out the baby’s sex for practical reasons of preparation, and…….. 

I did not have a strong preference either way this time, really, but I am excited to get another GIRL! Now we have it evened up – three boys and three girls!  It will be fun for Olivia to have a little sister close to her age to fight, er, play with, and pass her clothes on to as well. And of course, Miss Dominique is THRILLED, and making lists upon lists of name suggestions. 🙂 But no name has been decided upon yet….