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God’s word does not return empty • Japan Missions Newsletter

“As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:10-11

These last several weeks have been a time of very many events in our family. And in this newsletter, we have something new to share. 😀

“What can we do when we feel sad?” Kai asked at one of our Friday evangelistic meetings. Among the many participants, adults and children, who had never stepped inside a church before, several hands raised. Then one six-year-old girl who has been coming to English Outreach and Kids Club for over a year now raised her hand and said, “We should pray to Jesus and ask for His help!”

For us, it was a surprise and a great joy to know that the Word being shared does not come back empty! All we can and should do is share the life-transforming Word. The rest, only God can do and He does it! Despite being a nation where there are few churches and Christians, we always believe that there are people whose hearts have already been prepared by God Himself. And so, a few days ago, He showed us that this is true.

One Wednesday evening at prayer meeting, a college girl came in and sat down. Since we had never received visitors at prayer meeting, Elizabeth went to introduce herself and talk to her. This is her story: She was born in a Buddhist home, but since she was a child, she wanted to read the Bible. Her parents were bothered by this and discouraged it. But at last she got a Bible and read it all. She grew up and now, in college, said she wanted to know more and then looked for a church. She could not find a church, because besides there being few churches in this country, they are difficult to find.

After quite some time and effort, she found our church, which is not in the town she lives in, but is right next to the art classes which she attends once a week!

These two stories are an example of what God says in His Word: “So it is with the word that comes out of my mouth: It will not come back to me empty, but it will do what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

Joshua in Taiwan

It has been two months now since Joshua went to Taiwan. He has commented on the great experience that it has been in many ways. In addition to intensive Bible study, he is delighted with the outreach activities, experiences in seeking direction from God, and the memories he is building by sharing a “family” life with 25 students of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and experiences. The difference of this experience is that unlike here, there he is the youngest. 😀

In the Brazilian Church of Hadano

Last month, we had the privilege of serving by translating for a Hong Kong mission team who came to a Brazilian Hadano church whose pastors have been a great encouragement to our lives. Hong Kong International Christian Assembly Church has a ministry called the Healing Room where many people pray for healing and are also blessed, as well as those who receive miraculous healings from God, as they can all see Jesus being glorified by doing things that man cannot. In November, Fabio will preach at their anniversary meeting, please pray for that too.

Our family

Fabio has been working with Kai on various church logistics, daily prayer meetings and Japanese Bible study with Pastor Ogawa, family ministry in Brazil and fixing things around the house and church.

Elizabeth has been dedicated to homeschooling, home management, church ministry here and family ministry activities in Brazil. In addition, we have been working hard on our “Expansion Project” that we will announce at the end of this Newsletter.

Dominique has been serving at ‘Paz Coffee Shop’, a coffee shop that belongs to Paz Church. It has been a blessing for her to support this Kingdom work. She goes to the local school once a week and also participated in the school choir competition, where her class took second place.

The boys now study at home full-time and also study science by picking up tadpoles in the city park to raise at home and studying everything on the subject. They skate, draw, take care of fish, and explore the city together by bike.

Olivia has been going to school 2-3 times a week for shorter periods and enjoys playing with Annaliese a lot.

The Great Announcement

The “Expansion Project” we have been working on a lot is a divine blessing. After losing our baby to a miscarriage in the beginning of this year, God blessed us again with another pregnancy! We recently discovered that our seventh arrow is a GIRL. We praise God that all seems to be well with the baby and mom too, even though it’s a tiring job for Mom. Let’s pray!

Prayer Requests

  • Baby and mommy’s health;
  • To be sensitive to hear God’s direction;
  • God’s protection and provision;
  • Transition of the work we have done here to the hands of the local members;
  • Town of Nagayo-cho and our preparations to move next year.
  • Our visit to Nagayo-cho (Nagasaki prefecture) next week.
  • New financial partners to reach our budget and be able to move to Nagasaki.

Preparations for the next move

At this point (October 2019), we are in contact with people we met on our visit to Nagayo-cho last year, and they are graciously helping to find a place for us to live! It was through various “divine appointments” that we met this lady, who is a Christian in that churchless town and we are believing that God has more, just waiting for a “call to gather the saints”.

Currently, we live at the church building here in Machida, free of charge, but we will need the help of the body of Christ to take the Kingdom to that land of Nagasaki. So we would like to ask for your help. If your heart is inclined to planting churches in unreached areas, will you partner with us? Also, feel invited to come visit and see with us what a town without the proclamation of the Good News is like.


At the park’s pond

Last trip to the beach. Adiós Summer 2019.

Helping out at Cristo Center Church

“Let the children come to me” – Jesus

Watoto concert in Tokyo ( )

Helping out at Chiba disaster relief, after a big typhoon.

School in Chiba prefecture had windows broken by the typhoon.

Cleaning and repair team.

Kids’ Club. Sowing the Word that never returns empty.

Weekly lunch after service.

Birthday girls

A visit to the doctor. Waiting to know if it’s a boy or a girl…

Our “Expansion Project” is…a girl!