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Here we still are! Nothing exciting to report. Still have contractions every day, and some are rather strong, but nothing that persists for any significant period of time….

I am still taking votes/ bets on baby’s gender, date of birth, and birth size, for those that asked. And baby’s heart rate has been around 140’s. 😉

On the bright side, the longer baby tarries, the more Fabio is getting done on the basement! He is nearly done with the painting now, which is a huge relief. Every little bit helps. If he can get the painting done, then we can get carpet laid, and the finishing touches he can do little by little, while we start using it. 🙂

I also finished the last of my projects yesterday. I have been more interested in having a baby lately than finishing my projects, but it is nice to have everything done that I thought it would be nice to do. 😉 Since all that was done, I started in on the baby’s album! I’ve never done that before the birth of the child! Here’s a preview (click to enlarge):