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My Seven Children

No, I don’t really have seven children, but I got a little taste of what it might be like during a couple of chances I have had recently to keep my brother’s four children. It has been fun! When the whole family gets together, the adults are usually busy talking, and the (eleven) children are busy playing, so I don’t always get a lot of time to interact with my neices and nephews. So, we had a good time together. These pictures are from two different days:

Levi holding Rabby.

A.J. holding Rabby.

Colton, A.J., Joshua and Levi chilling out in the basement with “Christmas Carrols”

Lunch together. L-R : Jessica (11) holding Israel (nearly 1!), Colton (7), A.J.(going-on-9), Levi (5), Joshua (5), and Dominique (3)

And Uncle Aaron with Dominique. No, I wasn’t babysitting him, too. This was when he came to pick his little ones up! 🙂