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My Baby Turns ONE today!

Can you believe it?
Today is Johann’s first birthday!
I think with each baby I am gaining more perspective on just how fleeting the baby stage is. Unbelievable.
He really is just such a joy in our lives and we are so thankful for him. He is growing well, very healthy and taking his first steps now. We celebrate each milestone just as we did with our first child – only I think it is even more fun now, because the other children get as excited about it as we do! They so enjoy watching his antics, playing with him and carting him around like a little baby doll. And he doesnt mind a bit. Sometimes I think he will protest when one of the bigger kids try to pick him up, because it doesnt usually look very comfortable, but no! He just hangs on for dear life with both arms and legs like a little koala bear and off they go! So sweet to watch….
And do you see those red highlights in his hair?