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Museum Day

 Today we took some time out of our busy life to do something special with the kids – visit a museum! There were actually two, right across the street from each other, and both in old houses, so nothing like the monster museums in Chicago. We still had a wonderful time together enjoying all the fascinating displays.

The first one was the Sea Museum, which consisted of a large room with all sorts of {dead} sea creature, stuffed and mounted – fish, sea turtles, sharks, whales, mollusks, squid, etc. This was Joshua’s favorite, and he lamented not being able to stay all day. He even asked if we could leave him there with his notebook the rest of the day, but that was not a possibility… poor kid.

 Olivia turned 16 months today, and I love that she is big enough to enjoy these experiences with us now. She was totally mesmerized by the creatures! *love* 

 My father-in-law went with us and this picture is a real treasure! He never looks at the camera nor smiles for pictures, and Olivia never looks at the camera nor smiles for picture, and especially when she is in his arms, which is almost never. So, I was amazed and thrilled that this picture even happened.

 Fabio even took the camera for a while and so there is actually proof that I was present! This was at the second museum, which was focused on shipwrecks that have happened on the Brazilian coast, artifacts from them, the history of sailing and paintings and models of shipwrecks.

 I can’t imagine how heavy it must have been to wear this old-fashioned diving gear!

 Johann decided it would be fun to wear a flag on his forehead, and when I asked him why, he replied, “So everyone will know I’m American!”  Love the things this kid says!