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More Summer Fun

Last week Joshua and I (mostly I!) interviewed my Grandpa about his childhood and other aspects of our family history. What a great time!

Visiting friends’ pools is always fun! More fun (for Mom) than having our own!

Dominique and Addy are just 5 months apart. 🙂


Addy’s little brother John Michael wasn’t interested in getting in the pool. Israel either…

JohnMichael and Israel are about to be big brothers! Michelle and I are only due 5 days apart!

We had a very busy week last week, as a conference at our church brought us some out-of-town guests, and we also have an exchange student from Spain that arrived last Thursday and is staying with us. Meet Mercedes!

Here is Joshua with his pet garter snake, Shooter. I decided to let him go today, and that is when Joshua finally got brave enough to hold him! He has been carrying him around ever since!

Dominique joined in the “fun” too…..

Here is a nice cuddly video of some professional snake handling!