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More of Our Life from Summer in Pictures

Well, I have just about caught up on posting for the summer, but I had a bunch of misc pictures that I thought I would go ahead and post as well:

Cheyenne and her newest cousin Moriah

Joshua and Cheyenne being sweet!

Drinking the shakes they earned from the library’s summer reading program from Steak and Shake

At a friend’s pool

Jodi and Michelle – friends from church who are currently in Spain as missionaries with the Monterroso’s. They were home for the summer and we got to get some good time together! 🙂

Mini pool

Celebrating my neice Jessica’s birthday. I can’t believe how big she is getting! 11 years old already!

Israel and Moriah. It was incredible difficult to get a picture of them together! They were both looking in opposite ways and moving like crazy the whole time! This was about the best of the many I took. They’re still cute though!

Grandpa Howard and Dominique

My brother Aaron and I. Do you think we look alike?

My other brother Scott is rather well endowed!

This was a fun sprinkler I found this year. It is inflatable and has an inflatable ring for each pole that you toss through the sprinkles. The kids had a blast with it!

Dominique and Cheyenne in their matching outfits from Grandma Carol. It is cute to see them getting to be friends and playing together now that they are a bit older. I hope they stay good friends as they grow.

They love to play dress up together too!

Joshua and a couple of cicadas

Dominique’s favorite face to make in pictures these days! What a ham!

“When the cat’s away, the mice play!” :-)~

Joshua, Dillon and Gabriel in matching shirts from Grandma Carol. It happened by coincidence that we put these on them the same day!

A Sunday afternoon snooze with the whole family except Israel……..

One of Joshua’s favorite pictures of himself!

And now I think I am almost caught up with what I was going to post from our fun-filled and hectic summer!