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Misc Pictures and a Little Update

I just have to say… I LOVE this picture! My sweet little girlie just loves to smell flowers. 🙂 This is in the front garden, which looks better in this picture than in real life. With not feeling good the past couple of months, it has been badly let go! The other day I finally got to pulling some big weeds, thistles and even poison ivy out of there and felt so good about it…. until I stepped back and realized that I hadn’t even made a dent! Oh well….

The challenge continues to get them both looking at the same time, but it’s okay I guess. Sweet anyway. 🙂

Me and my darlings.

“Belly Shots”
The first belly shot of this pregnancy, a little while back, this one was at 6.5 weeks ~ just barely popping out, but still a lot for a mere six weeks. I dont know what’s wrong with me!

This one was just last night. We had a casserole shower for my friend Tammy who is due in 2 weeks. I am 12 weeks along now, and feeling much better, finally. This week has been the best one yet and I feel hopeful! Yay! Maybe now I can finally get caught back up on all the things I got behind on in the last couple months!!!

Soon we will have reached a final decision about Wales, so I will keep you posted. It has not been an easy decision, let me tell you! I haven’t said anything about it lately, because if I had, it would have been something like:
Week 1: Yes! We are going!
Week 2: No, I dont think it will be feasible after all.
Week 3: Well, maybe we will go, but wait until next year.
Week 4: Actually, if we are going, let’s just go this year!
Week 5: Wait! I won’t have a suitable place to have my baby over there! Let’s stay here!
Week 6: Hey, maybe going to Bible school in *South Africa* would be a better option!
Week 7: Maybe South Africa won’t be the best for us after all.
Week 8: Let’s not go to Bible school and just spend a couple months in Brazil…
Week 9: LORD! What do you want us to do????
Present: Okay, we are at peace no matter what. We need to make a decision by June 15, and I’m sure the Lord will give us clear direction by then.

So, I have saved you the drama of us changing our minds every week, although I’m sure my family thinks we are like waves tossed to and fro in the ocean! There has been a lot involved and a lot to consider, but we are on the verge now of making up our minds, with the Lord’s help. So, pray for us please and we will let you know soon!