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Misc Catch-Up

Here are some recent hodge-podge pictures.

Dominique waving her “flag”! I am really getting tired of winter, but the kids still like playing in the snow.

Of course, this week it has been too cold to even do that, but anyway, one day maybe it will warm up. (???)

I am so thankful that my little ones LOVE to read books, even right down to Israel!

On this day, the two older ones had their favorite Bibles that they were reading on the couch.

So, Israel decided that he needed to join them, went and got a book, and crawled up to read with them. Too cute!

Reading books in the van makes the ride so much more enjoyable for them, and so much quieter for us!

We saw these deer just outside our window the other night! We got the kids out of bed to see them too.

We turned on the outside light and started taking pictures and they were not scared away. 🙂

Dominique dropped and shattered Joshua’s beloved piggy bank the other day….

I love this picture!

First attempt at feeding himself with a spoon! He didn’t do too bad, considering. 🙂

Kept him busy and happy for a good half an hour too, while Mama was busy fixing dinner.

Sleeping beauties. A couple weeks ago, Dominique decided to join us in bed at about 6 am and go back to sleep again.

She did it every single day for a week and then went back to her normal sleeping habits…..

Like Father, Like Son.

Israel would NOT look at the camera, so Fabio decided not to either. Again, like father, like son! 🙂

I have been feeling pretty decent so far, so I am thankful for that. My only “problems” are that I am typically so sleepy I can hardly function, and my apetite has been *quite* impressive! Just ask Fabio! I have been hungrier than usual with the others, but nothing like this time! I think I have been eating breakfast three times, lunch three times, and dinner three times, roughly. And snacks in between. 🙂 Speaking of which, I’m hungry! I think I’ll go make myself some food and try to catch a nap before the kiddos wake up!