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McD’s Playland

A few pictures of a rainy day a couple weeks ago. I decided to pass part of the day in McD’s playland to let the kids get rid of some excessive energy!

Israel just loves to play with balls. He was nearly happy just with that, but I actually did take him up once to crawl around in the tunnels and go down the slide. This McD’s encourages parents to do so, and has tunnels that are plenty big. Still not my “cup of tea”, but he enjoyed it!

After *many* attempts, I got this decent picture of all three of them together. 🙂 Inevitably, one or more look away or close their eyes or put a hand in front of their face, etc, just as Im trying to snap the shot! (Not to mention the battle against fake smiles, like Joshua’s here….)
But, just for fun, I thought I would include these more realistic shots! They probably do a better job of capturing real life!

Pictures of spring coming soon!