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Living The Dream

I was recently reminded by an article in my favorite magazine that I am living my dream! All of my life I dreamed of the day when I could be a mommy – when I could have my very own baby to cuddle, when I could have my very own kitchen to cook in for my very own family, when I would have a husband to welcome home at the close of the afternoon! This is it! My dream come true! It is easy to get lost under piles of laundry and toys all over the place, – or even harder to deal with is sibling squabbles and other discipline issues – but I’m posting this partially to remind myself of what a blessing it is to have the life I do. So, here are some random pictures from my dream life. 🙂

Israel had his very first haircut last week! His hair was close to seven inches long at the crown, but didn’t look it because it is so curly. He was such a good boy for the cut. 🙂 That same day, I also gave Dominique her very first haircut too! I only cut about 3 inches off, as it was a bit uneven since it had never even been trimmed. She sat fine for the cut, but afterward you would have thought I’d cut her arm off! She cried for two days, and continued to get teary any time she recalled the event over the following week….










Dominique did find a way to hide her new haircut, though. 🙂








Johann is the only child in the family that didn’t get a haircut that day. He didn’t need it – as his hair is falling out on its own. All of my babies tend to lose most of the hair they are born with about this time unfortunately. And even more unfortunately, I tend to lose quite a lot of mine too! Bummer…






All that growin’ wears him out!







Dominique was playing Annie Oakley. 🙂


Rewind to when we had leaves on the ground instead of snow! Had to post these someday…




This was the day we went to Chicago to get Johann’s birth certificate. I just LOVE this picture!
Our car is rather full these days! In fact, the Honda is a 6 passenger, so we are maxed out with just our fam…

Now let’s fast forward back to our present weather conditions.

There, that’s more like it! This was the day of our first snow, all bundled up and ready to go out. Sorry, I didnt get any pics of them IN the snow. Yet.







And this was a few weeks ago when BOTH Fabio and I got a bad cold w/ fever on the same day, while all of the children were fine! That was a bad combination! But we all made it through it. It was short-lived for Fabio and I, and thankfully, they never did get it.

Anyway, here they are making us ramen noodles for supper. 🙂 So sweet!

(They did have a little supervision, though.)