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Labor Day

Here are a few pictures of Labor Day last week. We had a nice time at my mom’s and were also graced with the presence of Suzy’s sister Laura and husband and daughter in from SC. 🙂

Israel stealing a hug from the little darling Ashley:

He was more excited about it than she was!

Israel and Moriah:

The fam sang Happy Birthday to me too, a bit early. My only trouble was that my belly was almost too large to reach my candle to blow it out!

Greg, Alejandra and Sebastian joined us too!

Laura and I

Growing family:

Growing mama:

So, that was Labor Day, but I am admittedly looking quite a bit more forward to a different kind of “labor day” that I hope will happen sooner than later! I’ll keep ya posted!

Oh, and I got an award, for being “very pregnant and still updating my blog constantly”! 🙂 Thanks, Clair! Check out her Mummy Deals blog at: