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Kodomo No Kuni

Kodomo No Kuni means “Children’s Country”, and is 240 acres of play place, just about 20 minutes from where we live.

Do any of you remember this post from last November where we shared this: 

“First, some missionary “friends” (sorry to put that in quotations, but we had never met them in real life, only on facebook!) offered to carry some baggage to Japan for us! Now, get this! She is Brazilian, from near where we used to live, and he is American, from not too far from here! They are missionaries in Japan, not too far from where we are going! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but can you believe that?!

So, they contacted us and offered to carry some suitcases for us, as their family did not have the full allotment this trip. I asked how many? (I was hoping maybe they could take two!) And she said… drum roll again, please! She said, ‘Six”!!  Can you believe that?! That is HUGE!

We met them at the airport this morning to deliver our six suitcases to them. And we left feeling a little bit lighter. Whew.”

Well anyway, this family lives not too far from here, so we met them this day for our kids to play. They are a wonderful family and we have so enjoyed getting to know them. They have three little boys, and one more baby on the way!

Most of the pictures that I took were of the 110 meter roller slide. The kids loved it so much and went on it over and over. There were also streams to play in, cows and sheep to observe, ice cream to eat from the fresh cows’ milk, and lots of nature to enjoy. But I guess I was too busy enjoying it to take very many pictures…