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Just Some Pictures of the Kids (and us)

Well, I know my “normal” family blog has been rather impoverished in the photo department lately, so I thought the Grandmas and all would like to just see some pictures of the kids, who just don’t stop growing!

Two days ago, on Monday, we were finally all well enough to leave the house! We had been invited to the Japanese pastor’s house, and we were finally able to take them up on the invitation. We had a nice visit and it was a very welcome change of pace and scenery.

There really isnt anything special about this next picture, since the kids aren’t even looking, lol, except that I am in it, which is rare indeed. 🙂

I just LOVE this picture of Johann, because it is SO hard to get a good picture of him these days! He is so on-the-go, and does not stop for a second, much less look at the camera, and even less to smile too! So, this is a rare treasure of a picture. He is nearly 17 months now! And, he rarely wears clothes. It is too hot to put him through the torture, and it cuts down on laundry that way too. 😉
This is Fabio’s father, about a month ago, when we took a walk with the family:
We’ve gotten to enjoy lots of family togetherness, even at nighttime and naptime:
And, on January 19th, Fabio celebrated his 31st birthday – the first birthday he had celebrated in Brazil since he turned 17.
Also about a month ago:

The last day we were in São Paulo, my sister-in-law Carol’s family took us to the zoo! Especially after a full week of not stepping foot outside the door, it was also a very welcome change of scenery. 🙂 It is a nice zoo and we enjoyed our time there. I also enjoy new locations to photograph my beautiful treasures (children).

I think this pic was a fave of the day because it was not posed. How wonderful to catch a moment of spontaneous brotherly love. 🙂
It has been neat to see these two interact as Johann gets older. They really play well together most of the time. Two peas in a pod! And, if any of you remember these shirts, I took advantage of the cooler weather in São Paulo to take a snappie of these two in them. Here is a pic of Joshua and Dominique in them, and then of Dominique and Israel in them.

And I ask again…. I wonder where these shirts will be in two more years??