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Joshua on a 2-wheeler and more…

Our friend Jaime treated his wife and Fabio and I to a dinner here at this beautiful Brazilian restaurant! It was a celebration of both of us ladies’ birthdays….

His boss and wife came with us too.

We had a lovely time!

Last week we went to visit Daddy on the job site. What fun! That is him up there on the roof with the red shirt on.

We got there in time to have lunch together. 🙂

I just can’t seem to stop taking pictures of these kids!

Joshua really does love posing for pictures these days! LOL

And there he goes!

He can’t ride his big bike yet without the training wheels because both of his feet dont touch the ground, but this was the perfect size to learn on. It was my neice Jessica’s, which is why it is purple! 😉 You should have seen Joshua explaining to the neighbors: “HEY guys! I learned to ride without training wheels! I know this bike looks kinda girlish, but it’s okay….” LOL

One of the girls from our hispanic home group just had her fourth baby last Friday ~ and it was her first boy! So, Monday night I brought her girls over for a few hours to have a backyard cookout with us.

Here are the 2 year olds having a car race and having a blast doing it!

Daisy and Jasmine pushing Dominique and Melany

They were so excited to roast their own hotdogs!

What an amazing daddy!