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Johann is now 10 months old!

Before I begin this post, we are still looking for visitors to Joshua’s Rock Museum! (See post below!)

Soooo….. Johann is 10 months old now! I can’t believe how fast he is growing up! Where did that time go??

I weighed and measured him this morning, and he is 30″ long/tall, and weighs right at 20 lbs …. a 1/2 pound less than last month! Probably because he is so active these days – crawling quickly wherever he pleases, pulling up to furniture and walking around it, etc.

It’s not because he is not eating! He is loving to eat whenever I will feed him, and he is still nursing constantly as well.

He is usually stuck to me like super glue and has a fit if I leave the room, but as long as Mama is close by, he is a very happy baby with a sweet disposition. It is fun for me to see the older children enjoying him so much, laughing with me at his antics, and playing with him and entertaining him for me. Joshua’s job is to get him out of his crib after naps and bring him to me, which is such a big help! And all of the children are enjoying this phase he is in now of imitating their faces and the noises they make. Johann has truly added so much joy to our family!

Here are some pictures I took of him the other week: