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Johann is 5 months old!

Well, these are over a week old now, but Johann is FIVE months old!
He is teething like crazy, but other than that, he is a happy boy and a good baby. 🙂
He gets more than adequate attention from his doting siblings and his parents, so he is not lacking in the stimulation department with all the noise and activity we have going on here all the time!
The first months of each baby’s life have gone by very quickly, but this time around, life feels like a whirlwind! Where do the days fly by to?

He reminded me mostly of baby Israel when he was very little, and lately he has been reminding me more of baby Joshua. Either way, there is definitely a strong family resemblence!

But, so far, he has kept his dark blue eyes, whereas the others had very dark brown ones by a couple months old……

We Love You, Johann!!