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Japan Get Together at Living Word Church

We are SO thrilled with all the Lord has done as we have been preparing to go to Japan!

On January 7th, we had a Get Together at Living Word Church for those who are currently supporting us, as well as those who wanted to know more about our mission to Japan. We were so happy to have about 150 people come and join us for an awesome time of lunch and fellowship, while we shared about our passion, love and vision for Japan.

We are SO thankful for the many volunteers that made this happen, organizing lunch, serving, helping to set up and take down, helping with the children, inviting friends, and just coming to encourage our hearts! Even the church in Machida, Japan that will be receiving us in a few days sent a box of beautiful souvenirs that we were able to give as gifts to everybody present. We are also so grateful to our pastor, Dave Prince, for his support and his encouragement of others to get on our team!

While we adults did our “thing”, the kids were also getting a little flavor of Japan, led by our son Joshua and daughter Dominique! They talked a little bit about Japan, showed where it is on the map, and did an origami project. We are so thankful to have them on our team too! <3

If you were unable to attend, but would still like to know more about Japan and what we plan to do there, please click around here on our website, starting HERE ! We are still in the process of building our support team, as we launch in just a few more days (January 29th, 2018)!!